About this guy 

Gonzalo (29) is a freelance retoucher from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who also lived in Australia and Thailand for a while before moving to Norway in 2018.

He had spent about 10 years of his life playing with Photoshop¹ when he discovered there was people actually getting paid for it, so he decided to quit his career as an advertising copywriter² and give it a shot. It’s been his full time job since 2013, and working 100% online he had a good chance to travel and see the world, so it seems to be going well.

He also has international studio experience, having worked at world-class retouching companies such as Capturelab in Sydney and Wetouch in Oslo.

Gonzalo’s work has been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, L’Officiel Hommes, Marie Claire, Schön!, Lucy’s Magazine and Haute Living, among many others, and he worked for brands like Nike, L’Oreal, Pantene, H&M, Ray-Ban and Le Coq Sportif.

He once peed into an active volcano³ and he secretly loves writing about himself in the third person.

¹ Mostly putting male friends’ heads in bikini bodies
² Grey, McCann, Y&R and FCB, in Buenos Aires
³ Mount Bromo, in Indonesia

General inquires



My job is to take your pixels and make them look much better. And it applies for any kind of images, from people and clothes to landscapes, buildings or jewelry. Best of all, since I don’t need a huge structure (most of the time it’s just me) I can offer big studio quality and fast response at very competitive rates.

Let’s work

If you have a project I can help you with, please send me an email with the low res file or files (if you don’t have them yet I can use a reference – another picture that shows how your picture will be), the deadline, how the images will be used and any comments you might have so I can give you a quote.

There aren’t fixed prices since every picture is different, but you should expect rates to start at 30 Euros per image. We can always discuss bulk rates, I like those. This price will include up to 2 rounds of corrections, but comments that I didn’t receive at the beginning of the project might incur in extra fees, let’s just all be organized and everything will be smooth. Payment can be settled through a bank transfer or through PayPal, but PayPal’s fee (5.5% of the total) is not included.

Join the team

Are you also a retoucher? Hello friend, come grab a beer! I have a couple of retouchers that I trust and collaborate with when projects require more hands than the amount I have available (at the moment that number is 2). It happens quite often so drop me a line and we could do some nice things together. Also, I don’t know how many retouchers exist out there but I don’t think we are a huge breed, so it would be cool to hear your story.

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